Issues Connecting v1000 to v5000


I am testing out some CNwave 60ghz radios.

I have set up a few V5000’s together and then connected a V1000 to them.
I am trying to add a second. I have checked everything to make sure it is all correct, but I get an error on the 5000 am connecting to. On the E2E Minion logs I get this error:


Not really sure why as I’ve got on to connect no problems.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear you having difficulties connecting to the second CN.

The error you are experiencing is when the beamforming process has failed to lock onto the beam training frames sent out by the V5K.

To help you better, could you please provide us with more information regarding the topology?

  1. Is this indoor testing or outdoor?
  2. Relative Elevation between the V5000 and the V1000s?
  3. Are you adding the second V1000 to the same sector of the V5K or the other sector?


I am using the radios outdoors.

The radios are about 5m apart as I am testing them on stands.
The Sector I am trying to connect to has no other radios attached.
The radios are all at the same height on the stands.

I am using v1.1 software,

My setup is:

V5000 with E2E controller. connected to v5000 DN. then trying to connect the V1000 to the second V5000 on the 2nd sector.

Thanks, Michael.

Since the radios are only 5m apart, please ensure you have checked the short range in the configuration/radio/ for all the radios you are testing. This ensures that when the radios are in acquisition, they don’t overload the receivers. This setting could be removed when you are going to deploy at the intended longer range.

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