Issues syncing APs in cnMaestro

Hi: Is there a way to keep the current AP configuration when you Sync it in cnMaestro? In my case, cnMaestro always erase th AP config which has caused me some troubles.


Hi @clau,

Only with cnPilot Home. You can do this by applying a configuration template instead of an AP Group.

For AP/Switch Groups the device is synced to the configuration set up in cnMaestro. The only exception to this is for AP network settings with “Auto-set from device” which is enabled by default in the device overrides.

Thanks Jordan. Regarding the “Auto-set from device” setting why then, everytime you sincronize with cnMaestro it replaces the config in the AP? Is there a way in cnMaestro to do the opposite?


With AP Groups, cnMaestro owns the configuration so it completely overwrites what is set on the device.

“Auto-set from device” is a corner case that exists only to ensure that connectivity to cnMaestro is not severed. It only auto-sets the networks settings displayed in the device overrides section. All other settings are set by the AP Group.

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Ok but is there any way to get the configuration from the AP and convert it as AP group? Just to avoid rewriting 200+ ACL rules.

For configuration that will be the same for all devices in the AP Group you can add it to the Advanced Configuration portion of the AP Group. Configuration added there will be given precedence over AP Group settings in the UI and device-level overrides.

To do this find a device with the desired configuration settings, navigate to its Configuration tab and click the View Device Configuration link. This will display the device’s configuration file, which will be CLI commands for cnPilot Enterprise.

Find the relevant section of CLI and copy/paste it to the Advanced Configuration of the AP Group.

If you are using settings from a WLAN, ensure that your WLANs are properly ordered in the AP Group so the Advanced Configuration CLI aligns with the correct WLAN.

Jordan, Do you refer to the User Defined Variables?

@clau, yes, the same section that’s used for user-defined variables.