Issues with onboarding

We just placed cnMaestro on a local server in preperation for a large scale deployment, we are currently having a few issues with getting our current aps to talk to the server.  I haved used the current resources on the website and multiple configuration combinations to get the aps and server to talk to one another.  This is a local deployment and the devices are in the same subnet but still will not talk to one another.  I think this is user error and any help would be great.l

Can you ping the Maestro IP from the APs in question? Also, what firmware are you running on those APs? There is a minimum requirement for each type of device Cambium has out.

I can ping Maestro and have the ap on 3.0.

DNS in the AP?

That all sounds right then. What does it state the status is in the AP for cnMaestro Connection Status?


Firewall or DNS possibly.

Can you please send us the device logs as well as cnMaestro tech dump via private message.

Do you have a Tik present at the site or similar?  If so, make sure you masq. your subnet out.