Issues with PTP820 locking up

We have had a number of issues with PTP820S locking up at one end.  It appears they just stop transmitting from what we can tell.  The last incident occurred less than 10days after begin put into production.  The Signal Levels are solid, the MSE is within specification, and the link is aligned properly.

We would like to hear if anyone else has experienced a similar challenge?  In all cases a reset (if we could get into the Management Interface) or a power cycle resolved the problem.


Hey first off, you might wanna repost this HERE as you've posted this in the stories section of the forum and not the area that people typically ask questions. Maybe a moderator can move it for you?

As far as the issue is concerned, a few questions...

On the radio that's having issues, have you looked at the logs to see if any errors/alarms are occuring?

When this radio locks up, how do you restore service? A power cycle?

Are you running the newest firmware revision (system release 8.7) on both ends of the link, which is available HERE.

Don't forget that you can always call customer support, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week:

I hope this helps!