Issues with reporting

Using OnPremises Version 1.6.3-r15

When I export all PMPAP and SM's theirs some issues I'm running into, and are making the usefulness pretty reduced as the data isn't reliable for audit processing.

All AP's are under towers, however, when I export almost none of the AP's are showing their Lat/Longitude, they should be showing the Lat/Long from the Tower

In addition, the AP's don't seem to be exporting their configured, azimuth, downtilt, height values, this is really needed now that we're storing this data and using cnMaestro as central truth authority.

PMP450m AP's Radio TX Power dbm is showing up as NaN


I'm creating JIRAs for these.

Regarding the PMP/ePMP APs, I understand the request.... they should inherit the tower's lat/long.  In Inventory, include all device lat/long info in the CSV export.

Just curious, from your post above, is there somewhere in the cnMaestro UI where you are already exporting any device lat/long details?


No oddly their is no where that has all of them in the UI only in the report but the report seems to not take into account tower locations


I agree that the lat/long only displays under the "Details" tab of the AP/SM and then it's abbreviated (can only speak for vanilla 450s).  However, I don't understand what you mean by " seems to not take into account tower locations...".

I want/like the fact that the APs lat/long info is read from the APs/SMs.  I wish the Elevation was likewise read.

If it's configured on the AP/SM, it should be captured somewhere by the cnMaestro UI - Specially the "Details" tab where it can be exported, although I can understand why it might only be under reports.

He issue is when you generate a report the APs don’t show the lat long if it wasn’t set on the AP before moving an AP to a tower

Moving an AP to a tower fixed it on the map but doesn’t update the Lat/long of the AP

So when you generate a report the AP is missing the lat/long for the AP

Moving an AP to a tower should update the APs lat long setting

Or atleast when we generate a report job show the tower lat long for the APs that are under a tower