issues with v 8.2.7

We recently went to the 90mhz system, it works great, but im seeing a high number of session and re-reg counts on the sms, Im wondering if there is an issue with v 8.2.7 software, im also having a few customers whos ethernet link shows down alot. Im using the 600ss surge protectors, we used to have the 300ss so I dont know if that makes a difference.

Bad guys that we are we arent grounding the SS but we are shielded to the radio so we can. If this is an issue due to the not being grounded is there a counter that would have high errors or something that will indicate this?


I intend to go to v9 soon, but we are getting the hang of the existing equipment before we go changing it

i would go ahead and upgrade to 9. theres really not a whole lot of difference in the GUI/layout of the two. and we honestly saw so many random/unexplained problems go away after we got our stuff on v9.0