It's just work

Im a WISP for 10 Years. I start last year moving client from ubnt to EPMP 1000 and replace my backhaul with PTP450i. I have around 400 clients move since. What my support team told me to date is they got 90% less call from client experiencing problem and i double my usable bandwidth. So to date im really happy! Is a big investment for us but for now it's work well so i continue this year to replace old stuff with epmp and i expect this year finish my migration. So cambium continue your are on the right path!


Thanks for the note PCaddict.

Are your customers mostly residential or business?

Have you looked at the ePMP Elevate technology?


Great to hear, PCaddict! Gad that Cambium products are helping your business move forward!

Hi m’y Network are 90% on 2.4 ghz band. Since last year i use kp performance dual band Sector to used 5.8 where i can and the rest still on 2.4ghz. i have not chance to try elevate for now. But my partners have doubt on ubiquiti hardware… And for the price difference for now we prefer install new hardware