java.rmi.nortboundException:Canopy Prizm

I need help with my prizm 2.1 install . I installed Prizm on Centos 4.4 . I had no errors on the install but when i start the server and i look at the log it hangs on Installing Security Manager. When i try to log in i get the message java.rmi.notboundException:Canopy Prizm

I have had it running o 4.4 for a while without issues. I do believe I had to disable a northbound trap manager to get it to run as it conflics with the SNMP trap receiver port. At least that is what I remember.

lbergman: That being the case, if you don’t need the SNMP service on the CentOS box, you could disable the SNMP trap receiver and let Prizm have the port.

There was no other trap receiver so I believe it to be an internal prizm issue.