jerry Richardson

jerry i just wanted you to thank you for the time you have taken to help people with your knowledge on these forums.with 358 post I think motorola should also give you a thumbs up for the time you have dedicated out of your schedule for people you don’t even know.

I just posted this cause i wanted you to know all that you have done for this forum has not went un appreciated. Cause you guys have saved my butt many times over.

there are also alot more like Ahull with 235 post and mssmith with 247 and acherman 308 post and wirelesssoultions at 232 post as well as teknix and attitude that help i just cant remember all the rest of the names right now that shouldn’t go unappreciated. and i am sure there not but sometimes its just good to hear i guess.

keep up the good work.

you are welcome.

It helps me as much or more than it helps you. If I can explain it so that someone can understand it, then I know I really understand it.

Thank you for the mention.

Your welcome, I feel truly honored.

Jerry was spot on – the process of explaining a technology or methodology forces me to critically evaluate my own understanding. I often walk away with a fuller understanding of the topic at hand.

This place truly is community, so much more then just a place where folks can rant about a current frustration.

I second that motion… or third… or fourth…wherever I am in the line! :lol: :lol:

Thanks but I am currently not in the field anymore. I feel like a years worth of knowledge is worthless enless I stay involved. That’s why I will be hanging out for a while and keeping up-to-date. I may get into some contractor work in the future. There are alot of good people in this forum.


yup, thanks for all your help & time put in jerry.


You’re welcome. I learn more every day so I am probably getting more out of it that anyone :slight_smile:

I’m with Jerry on this. I find explaining things to someone makes me think about them a litte more - to the point sometimes that I may find I have to do more research or testing. And learning new things is always great.

I find myself getting too busy sometimes and not finding time for the forum, but from time to time I get here and spend a lot of time reading. When I can help, I do. When I can share, I do. When I need a question answered, chances are someone here can help me. It’s always nice to come here and find that some people may have the same questions I do (or have had) and see people discussing them, even if I am not involved in a thread I can walk away with new knowledge or understanding.

Thanks to everyone who posts helpful questions and responses here.


I am here!

I can see these guys answer every question that they can share…

They even reply to PMs regularly. More blessings to you guys.