Jitter Consistent between radios in 1x and 2x v9.0 and v9.3

The 9.0 release notes state that jitter is now consistent between 1x and 2x

1 through 4 is “Good”
5 through 8 is “OK”
9 through 15 is “Bad”

In the figure in the notes the show a screen shot from an SM.

Are the values consistent across 1x and 2x when viewing the stats through the Session Status page on the AP?

I’ve recently been upgrading to 9.3 and the jitter values for 2X SMs haven’t seemed to really change in the Session Status page of the AP. SMs that had jitter of 8 in 8.2.7 still show the same value.


I’m seeing the same thing, Obvisously, they are still inconsistent. We have upgraded all APs and SMs to 9.3 and for my SMs in 2x, I see a jitter of 7 or 8 where I have a jitter of 1 or 2 if they are turned down to 1x mode.