Jitter on PMP450m / PMP450b

Does anyone know where to see Jitter in the GUI on PMP450m and PMP450b, I also find no description of Jitter in technical documents on PMP450m / PMP450b? Does it exists any technical description on Jitter?

Jitter as a measurement of signal quality (as used in PMP100 devices) was depreciated for the 450 line and is no longer used.

We are working to get a PMP450m network approved by the authorities, and one of the requirements is that Jitter must be less than 30 ms, how can we document this?

Oh, ping jitter. That’s entirely unrelated to what I thought you were talking about.

They’re looking for network jitter (eg., variation in ping times across your network). Likely so they can run certain applications such as voice services, etc.

Lots of ways to do it, you may want to ask the “authorities” for a preferred method, but you can use tools like this (which has a good description of what jitter is if mine is lacking.)

Cambium has tons of documentation on the tools built into the 450 to help you optimize it across the 450 leg of your network, such as QoS, VLANs etc.

Network jitter can be caused by anything, from poor signals to network congestion. This means you’ll need to understand how to measure and adjust everything on your network to optimize it, not just the 450’s.