Jitter problems with 900mhz and hardware scheduling

I run a 900mhz startup wisp in a very rural area with lots of trees. I recently upgraded all of my radios to release 7.3.6 (from 6.1,7.0,7.2). I also decided to switch them all to hardware scheduling. Prior to this I was seeing jitter rates of 2-4 consistently on all 18 of my subscriber modules registered to the same AP. I use MRTG to monitor my statistics. I switched to Hardware Scheduling at about 3am with no hitch and jitter rates remained constant. At about 5:30am all of a sudden all of my subscriber modules except 4 began reporting Jitter bettween 8 and 12 and have stayed there consistently. Link tests have stayed at a consistent 98%-100%efficiency. (in fact one of the 4 with low jitter has my worst link efficiency at 88%/100%) When I look at the jitter readings from the AP side in the Sessions window the reading is still 2-4. Does anybody have any idea what is going on? Is this cause for alarm? Any similar situations?

Also in regards to Jitter I notice that Motorola says “Do not rely only on dBm and RSSI to determine if you will perform an installation.” and that jitter and link efficiency are more important. Is it possible to get a low jitter and high efficiency at… say… -85db signal strength and if so should one then go ahead with the install?

We actually noticed the same thing. However we increased our throughput significantly by choosing HWS. So the upping of the jitter made little to no difference because the throughput was increased from 1.3mb to 2.7mb down

We have the same situation. The APs and The SMs work flawlessly in the SW Sched mode. When I switched them all to HW Scheduling, even the SMs that were at -48dbm and 2-3 jitter are now way high in Jitter and re-registering every few minutes. What’s up? With Motorola not going to sell HW Scheduled modules soon, this may be a disaster!

Solution: Disable 2X mode

This is enabled by default. Disabling it on the problem SMs dropped the jitter back down to respectable levels. I don’t make use of the higher 2X mode bandwidth anyway.

Related question: I have heard from some places that jitter avg of 4 is acceptable and from others that jitter avg of 9 is acceptable. Which is it?

Also, isn’t 2x mode an Advantage thing? I have no Advantage hardware and yet still everything has 2x mode…