JItter with Advantage AP's

I’ve been noticing high jitter when using NON Advantage SM’s on Advantaged AP’s. This is when the SM is set to Hardware Scheduling in 2x mode. Is this normal? And should the the 2x mode even be used when it’s a NON advantage SM?

Jitter is much higher when using 2x in the antenna’s. Moto recommends that if the link is unstable at 2x to force it to do 1x mode only.

Makes sense. Thanks

do you need to switch both AP and SM to 1x mode ?

or switching AP to 1x mode is sufficient ?


if the AP is Adv, and the SM in NON-Adv, what benefits do you get by going to 2x ?

Leave the AP 2x and set the SM at 2x unless the link test is undesireable, or you get alot of re-reg, then set it to 1x

The Non-Advantage SM’s will be 1x.

I would set the AP to 2x so that if you have a customer that wants a faster link and is willing to pay a higher monthly for it, then you can use an Advantage in 2x.

Sorry I’m still unclear…

Currently I have an Advantage SM with about 40 non-adv SM registered to it. In the sessions page on the AP a few of them have

Rate : VC 24 Rate 2X/2X
and others have
Rate : VC 24 Rate 2X/1X

however on the SM they all come up as
Registered 2x/1x

Also in the 7.3.6 software on the SM I have the option of enabling 2x, as a Non-Adv do I need to be concerned with this setting, I just experinced a customer who would not register until I moved them to 1x (non-adv SM looking to a Non adv AP).


You must have P9 Non-Advantage.

On P8 SM’s 2x is not an option - even with 2x enabled on the Advantage AP.

With the Advantage AP and P8 SM I can get the following rates:

- Downlink RATE: 5316352 bps
- Uplink RATE: 1566208 bps

What are you getting with your Advantage AP and non-advantage P9 SM?

i’ll have to test… but most of my customers are 256/64 so not a huge problem, however we do have some dedicated 1/2MB sync links.

I only have one AD AP (at the moment, ordering 5 upgrades to have a full advantage pop serving 300 customers I think I am maxing the AP’s out-- not the data throughput but the pps, if I bing the AP from the SM my latency at peak periods can be 500ms)

I have non-ADV AP’s (7.3.6) and non-ADV SM (7.3.6), do the 1x/2x settings make a difference on the the non-adv AP-SM setup.