Jitter with one SM...?


We are running the STL software on our two ePMP 1000 radios. The path is 1.3 miles LOS.

20mhz bandwidth on 5190mhz. Monitored signal level is -60DB....just into the green.

We ARE using RTP and tried to stream uncompressed audio at 1.5mbs. S/N is 35DB.

Radios are running at 6DBM...and jitter is making it impossible to use uncompressed

VOIP even with such low bandwidth and one SM... our transmitter end SM radio.

Using MP3 at a reduced 400KBS rate and 600ms buffer delay makes it usable...

but still with occasional drop-outs.

What would be the settings to have the least jitter? Why is the system only demanding 6DBM power

levels resulting in only a 35DB S/N? Would 10mhz bandwidth be better? Would a GPS-locked radio

have less jitter? Anything will help us. Station launch is in a week.

A lot of new Low-power FM stations are going to want to use the ePMP 1000's. I'll pass on the

best settings once we see if this will work.



Are you using firmware rev 2.4.3 on both sides, and are using the 'enhanced point to point' or ePTP mode? Did you use ACS to find that channel at 5190? Sounds like your requirements are pretty low, so you could probably do just fine running a 10 or even 5MHz channel width.