A quick question.

Would a jitter level (as measured by ping plotter) that ramps up and down ( it looks like a sawtooth wave) to 35 be a problem for VoIP and network slowness?

Possibly. You need more information to really understand what is going on.

A monitoring system that graphs the radio dBm, Jitter, Ping will tell you if it’s an RF link issue, or if there is something else going on

Links are sold, efficiencies are over 95%, radio jitter is under 4, dBm is -70. Everything looks OK in Cacti, ping time is averaging 21 to the edge of our network. Ethernet links at the tower seem OK.

The VoIP echo at other end and slowness are being reported across our network.

Do you do QOS tagging throughout your network?

What if you make a VoIP from the edge of your network? It might not be you, but rather your provider.