Job alerts after changing to management VLAN


After deploying management VLAN templates via cnMaestro, the devices get stuck alerts that the job wasn't finished, even after seeing them reconnect with the new settings.

SMs are Force 180 and Elevated Nanobeams

APs are ePMP 2000

cnMaestro on premises 1.5.1

I have the same problem if I use templates to change the devices preferred AP.

How can I solve this?

Thanks and sorry for bad english,


Hi Diego,

Did the devices fail within the job itself?  I am wondering if the devices were marked as failed in cnMaestro and then since they reconnect later with correct settings.  Then you consider them correct.

If this is the case, you can push a trivial template that will succeed and clear the active configuration alarms.

Here is an example template that just changes the device description.  You may prefer to change a different setting that you do not use.

	"template_props": {
		"templateName": "",
		"templateDescription": "",
		"device_type": "",
		"version": "3.2.2"
	"device_props": {
		"snmpSystemDescription": ""