Join the cnMaestro Beta with your ePMP network

Wireless service providers and enterprises need an easy to deploy management system that enables them to efficiently manage and grow their network. Cambium Networks cnMaestroTM management platform is tailor made to simplify management of your Cambium network.

Join the beta testing of cnMaestro with your ePMP network. It currently supports ePMP AP and SM devices including monitoring, software upgrade and configuration. The current version of cnMaestro is feature rich, available as a cloud offering and is free of charge.

If you are interested in making cnMaestro a better product through beta testing, please send a request to

Please provide the following information and we will be happy to consider your request. 

  1. Your name
  2. Your Cambium Community/Forum Username
  3. Your Company
  4. Country
  5. Email address
  6. Number of ePMP devices (APs + SMs) in your network
  7. Number of ePMP devices (APs + SMs) that you would like to manage with cnMaestro during beta
  8. Approximate number of ePMP devices deployed in PTP mode. (Will be supported in future release of cnMaestro)

Requests will accepted in a controlled fashion to ensure the system and the team provide you the appropriate support for your beta testing efforts.

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I would request that this subject / topic be visited as often as possible so we can keep abreast of this products' offerings and throughout the testing and assessment phase. I have more than a little interest myself but know of only some "keyword" benefits. Keep the info coming and a vid would be even better. Many thanks.

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We will be launching a forum area dedicated to cnMaestro soon. We look forward to lots of ideas, feedback, and discussion.