Just a few questions....

Hey all!

I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks now and I am impressed with the professionalism that I see here. I am considering the Canopy system for my WISP deployment and I am considering 900mhz or 5.8ghz AP’s. One thing that has really got me sold on this product is the easy setup and support. I’ve been reading about other products (like Tropos and SkyPilot), but they seem to have a scattered deployment base and some WISP’s are using them in a mixed environment (which I want to avoid if possible).

Anyway, my question is in regard to the AP cluster. I’ve read about the six unit standard clusters, but I have seen some people deploy a single AP and then connect it to an omni-directional antenna for 360 coverage. Is this technically possible to achieve? And will you get the 2 mile coverage area with this configuration?

A second question I have is about the backhaul dishes. Since these units run in the unlicensed spectrum and I am considering an initial water tower location that has equipment running in the licensed spectrum, will there be major issues with this if I was to put a single AP at that location? Would I get a 2 mile coverage area? Do I need a 6 AP cluster there? The BH link would be coming from a residence with a T1 circuit terminated at that location.

Thanks in advance for any insight

The great thing about canopy is all of the options you have, if you choose to run 6 Ap’a you can. If you want to go with last mile and run the Ap Cyclones you can. or if you want to run 1 Omni Ap you can it’s your choice.

The upgraded versions of canopy from last mile work really good. Maybe you should speak with them before buying any thing,

I run both 6AP clusters and 1AP omnis.

I love them both. If you’re just starting out, one omni AP is the way to go. Upgrading to a cluster would be a bit of work, but would be worth it in my opinion.

Thanks for the replies! I think I will give them a call to discuss the options. I would like to stick with the one AP and an omni for now due to the price of an AP.

I would like to get a trial kit, but don’t want to fork out the cash just to find out I have too much interference in my area. Does Motorola offer a true “trial kit” and a minimal cost?

This may sound funny, but you could always buy one sm unit on ebay the freq. you want to run to do your spectrum test with.

you could use an SM to get a quick idea of what the AP would see, however it is not going to tell you what the out of band noise is, or what the noise looks like over a given period of time. Also, if it turns out that SM you bought isn’t going to work out in your area, you would need to get another SM, and so on…

You really need an analyzer that can record over several days so you know what is really going on.

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