Just for fun...

Has anyone tried loading third party software on Canopy or Alvarion?

Talked to a guy last week who runs embedded BSD on the CMMmicro. No idea how he did it though.

I would be very interested in further information. Is your contact willing to post here, Jerry?

I’ll see

Same here. Not sure if there is a legality issue but I would love to run different software so I can use SM’s as AP’s…

It would be really nice if the CMM was able to do routing. I wonder with that Embedded BSD if it would have that functionality.

Wow, I would really like to run Mikrotik on a CMM Micro

It’s probably more of a question of how much free time you have, vs finding radios with say, 7.3.6 on them, or clearing the onboard memory, and relfashing.

jwcn wrote:
I would love to run different software so I can use SM's as AP's...

I don't think it would be so simple installing standard OS on proprietary hardware like that.
You should probably get HW details and implement drivers for some components (e.g. RF module, ethernet, GPS sync).
Much better moving to standard devices like WRAP, ALIX, ROUTERBOARD...

Anyway, good luck!