just simple question....

i need yours recomendation for how tall my AP tower for optimal signal, i need your input… my tower now is just 14m, thats enough or not?
Thanks… :?:

It depends on a number of things. Are there trees right around your tower? How high are the trees? What band are you using? How far away do you plan to serve? How high does zoning permit a stucture in your area?

These are all factors (there’s more) in determining minimum tower height.


It all depends on the area surrounding your tower. You should review page 259 of the manual as there are calculations for how high your AP should be in regards to the environment.

The URL is http://www.canopywireless.com/library/d … deIss1.pdf and you will want to use the AntennaElevationCalcPage.xls to calculate.