Keeping dialups temperary

We still got about 500 dialup users and just dont have the funds to finish building out our wireless at the moment. So we need to know if anyone here may have some local dialup numbers that will work where we are so we can drop our dialup t1’s for now so we can expand our network a little more with the savings. We just need dialin numbers we can authinicate here and do the mail. Anyways here is some of the numbers in our area.

931-243, 931-823, 931-864, also 615-666, 615-699 these are in the upper mid Tn area close to the Ky line.

Check out Don’t use them, but they have different plans based on your needs. There is a coverage map that list numbers in all the area codes you listed., they have thousands of dialup numbers, they are a whole seller, you can do different options and you pay them more for each, we do our billing and mail, and we pay about $4.50 for each dialup person, and we get to use thousands of local numbers, might want to check them and number availability

Check out as well.

We used Ikano for a long time until we got out of the dial-up business.

Expensive, but they do all the work for you and you just collect your share. And boy do they have some dial-up numbers.

Make sure you test the numbers they offer in your areas first. We almost went with one of the national providers until we began testing. Of three different national providers, they all came in consistently and significantly slower in our largest dial up areas. We finally found a regional provider that actually increased our average connect rates. Even with the average connect rate going up, though, you’ll have some that go down. Be prepared to handle the calls…

The lowest I’ve ever connected with a decent phone line and Ikano was 48kbps. Granted I obviously didn’t test it all over the country, but I tried it all over Florida, in Texas, in Vegas, and California respectively.