Killed ePMP Force 180 using cnMaestro?


I launched my first update from 2.6 to 2.6.1 of some Force 180, Force 200 and Access Points.

All went right, except one Force 180 that never came back. On cnMaestro I can see:

Device got timed out during update. Last know status was: Verifying SHA2 signature

Tomorrow I'll ask the user to reboot the Force 180 manually, could it solve the problem? 

Is it possible that the update "killed" the Force 180 and I'll have to replace it?

I really hope not :(

Try rebooting it.

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I'll let you know: I'll ask later to the user to reboot!

Please capture the device logs before rebooting it and send to incase the device is not able to come up after you reboot.

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How can I capture device logs if I can't access to the SM?

Is there some other way?

The only thing I can try is ask the user to power off and then power on, and hope it will come back :) 

When the user will power off, can he access the device GUI locally?

If yes then he can capture the device logs from the device GUI page and then power off.

Unfortunately he couldn’t access from his side.
Powering off and then powering on the Force 180 made it working, with the old software version.
After this, I successfully upgraded the Force to 2.6.1 using its interface (I didn’t try using cnMaestro another time).

How can I help you to avoid these situations in the future?
I updated about 30 devices, and only 1 had issue I could deal with, but what if I updated 500 devices?

What was the version running on that device before updating?


I have the same problem on my ePMP1000. The mistake is:

  • Update is in progress. Verifying SHA2 signature.
  • Error. Firmware FLASH write failed
    What is SHA2 sigature?
    How do I solve it?
    The current version is 2.0