Kilometer and Miles error

Ap are set to use km  but cloud show max distance as miles. "Feature" or bug? :)

Good catch. cnMaestro is in imperial units, but it would be nice to have SI units as a selectable option since most of the world uses SI units.I don't see that option and it would be a good feature request if you want to raise that under the ideas section. 

Hi Nordkontakt,

We are already aware of the issue and working with the device teams for a possible solution. Appreciate your effort in making cnMaestro a better product. Thank you.

Has there been any movement on this?

At the very least can we get cnMaestro to display both miles and kilometers?

It doesn’t look good to show customers the brochure for cnWave which is limited to 1 kilometer and then show them their existing 450 sites in cnMaestro which displays miles.

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