known interferance

Sorry to bother you guys again. But can ya list some known interferances in or around house with the motorola 900 mhz system, I have my antenna mounted 35’ up on a pole about 25’ from my house. Thanks guys.

Does this make any sense to you guys? I am in bad need of help and i dont think my wisp is helping or believing me. … o=&fpart=1

First thing I suspect is that Linksys.

Since the first hop past the Linksys is the ISP’s gateway, it appears that your ISP issues private IP addresses.

What we don’t know is if the radio is configured to operate in NAT mode. If it is, then you have your computer NAT’d behind the Linksys, which is NAT’d behind the Radio, which is NAT’d behind their router. Triple NAT!!!

If the radio is in bridge mode, then your Linksys get’s it’s IP from the ISP’s DHCP server.

First step is to get the Linksys out of the equation. Try connecting the radio directly to your computer and reboot (or manually obtain a new IP address). If your Linksys is normally configured with a static IP address, put that in your computer. Try testing and if the results are good then you know it’s your router. If the results are the same, then it’s your ISP.

If it is the ISP, ask them to log into the AP you are on, and look at the entry for your SM on the Sessions page. They are interested in the Re-Reg Count. Re-Reg usually indicates interference. Also have them run a 10 second link test from the AP to the SM. You are looking for >90% efficiency in 1X mode, and >60% efficiency in 2X mode.

If the radio is configured for 2X operation, have them switch you to 1X operation. Unless you are subscribed for service over 1.5mbps, you will not lose any speed, and the link will be more stable as the radio will not try to negotiate at 2X, fail, step to 1X, try 2X, fail, step to 1X…

I have zero tolerance for poor customer service. Good luck - not all WISPs are created equal.