Known Issues in LINKPlanner Release V4.8.5

There are two known related issues in 4.8.5 which affect PMP usage with the 450 family of products.

  • If you have projects from 4.8.4 or earlier, the Min Mod Mode Required settings may be silently reset to x1.
    • This error will occur when the AP and SM are on different products from the PMP-450 family.
    • The user receives no warning of the error. The mode will silently change to x1. It is not possible to choose a different required mode in the UI.
  • If you are splitting access points, the previous error can leave the SMs in an inconsistent state which prevents you from saving the project file.

Error traceback:

  File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner\data_files\project.xml", line 388, in <Expression u'get_attrs('>

  File "link_planner\model\serialise\format_v2.pyc", line 1795, in get_attribute_dict

KeyError: <ProductMode x1 (QPSK MIMO-A)>

To work-around the problem you must force the SMs to refresh. You can either change the SM product to match the AP and then switch it back to the original setting or attempt to edit the “AP Mod Mode Required” and the “SM Mod Mode Required” in one of the SM tables.

To edit multiple SMs at once in the table views see:


The required column names are “Product”, “AP Mod Mode Required” and “SM Mod Mode Required”.