Known problem ? snmpget cambiumJSONCfgExportStatus broken on F300 client radios

So we have a pretty sweet script that runs once a week that reaches out to every ePMP radio on our network, pulls the config json , both creates one large archive with all json files in it and saves each file individually as management.ip.address.json and creates an html file with a link to each one

Only we just realized it hasn’t been working on F300 clients. I have not had time to look into how far back it stopped working but I do know it still works just fine on all N radios, 3000 and 3000L. It does not work on 300CSM or any F300 series client radio that I have checked so far (everything we have is running 4.6.1 and 4.6.2). I have not had time to roll back firmware and see if there is a point where it starts working again. Since the script keeps the last config it got (you can see all the configs are dated) the fact that I have so many radios that the last json we got was Aug 2021 and I did software upgrades on the radios the last week of July 2021 I’m thinking 4.6.1 broke it.

EDIT: Script doesn’t work on 400CSM v5.1.3 either.

---- pulling json config from radios broken on F300 —

So it is a four step process to retrieve a configuration.

  1. write a 1 to cambiumJSONCfgExport
  2. snmpget cambiumJSONCfgExportStatus which returns an integer from -1 to 4. So we are looking for a 4, “Success”.
  3. when we get 4, “Success”, snmpget cambiumJSONCfgExportLink returns a link to the configuration file on the radio.
  4. go get the file.

In step 2 I loop five times checking the status. If I don’t get “Success” I go to the next radio.
The Force 300 never return “Success” but return 1 “Exporting JSON Config”.
I’ve been checking a radio and after a halve hour it still reports 1 “Exporting JSON config”. So it never will report “Success”.

Description cambiumJSONCfgExportStatus:
“OID to get the status of the export process:
-1 Error
0 Idle
1 Exporting JSON config
2 Moving config into upload directory
3 Preparing link for uploading
4 Success
Device Allocation: AP, SM”


I don’t have any suggestions - but I’m really watching to see what your solution is. It would REALLY BE NICE if there was a good simple automated solution to daily backups and restore… (which cnMaestro should do)

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We did figure out it was v4.6 when it broke. We can roll AC radio back to 4.5.6 and it starts working again but upgrade to to v4.6 and it breaks.

Started a ticket with Cambium will see what happens.

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