L2 tunnel not connecting again

I uses some E500 and E700 with a L2 Tunnel connected to a mikrotik. It works great. But if the network connection breaks, the L2 Tunnel will not connect again. I have to restart the cambiums.

I try firmware 3.11.4-r9 and 3.11.3-r7 and the older one3.9-r3 but all the same.

Does a firmware exist which dont have this issue?



Hi Oliver,

Can you please send me your Techsupport to: yashwanth.poola@cambiumnetworks.com. We can have further correspondence on this issue over email.

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Hi Olli,
Default timer in the AP retries to establish the tunnel for 5 times every 60 secs. If the connection is established within this time, AP automatically reestablishes the tunnel. If the network is down for more than 5 minutes, you can disable and enable the tunnel by toggling " Tunnel encapsulation to Off and L2TP" to trigger the connection.


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Thank you for your explanation! It helps me very much! The last time the connection was more then 5 minutes down. And afterwards, when I was testing the new firmwares,  I did not wait a minute....