L2TP tunnel


I setup an ePMP 1000 Hotspot with an L2TP Tunnel to a MikroTik CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+.

Everything works great and tunnel is established, but:

- If tunnel is terminated on the MikroTik due to timeout or due to a network issue, or manually, the Cambium hotspot doesn't reinitiate the tunnel. I have to reboot or change configuration in L2TP tunnel to have the tunnel UP again, and that's very annoying. Why?


what is the version of ePMP 1000 Hotspot?

That is not an expected behaviour.

Please unicast me with tech-support at shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com.

Thank You.

Hello shashank

can you give us an update with this Problem?

We have the same problem with our AP's, our AP's are running on Version 3.7.1-r4.

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@Channareddy, version on ePMP 1000 Hotspot is the latest available, 3.3-r16.

I have similar issue also on E501S using 3.7.1-r4.

@CAM_TSK, I sent you an email, thank you for support.

Please confirm the cnPilot model of AP you are using.

Thank You.

Hi CAM_TSK, the model is E501, latest version.

Here the L2TP tunnel works great without any instability and it’s established correctly since first boot, and there’s only an issue: if you terminate the tunnel from the MikroTik, it’s not re-established automatically even after 1 hour.
You have to reboot the radio or re-apply the configuration manually.

Did you found a solution for this Problem?

3.8 solves this issue

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thanks, i will try this Version


I am using ver 3.9-r3 on a cnPilot E500 and have the same problem - should downgrade to 3.8?

Anyone else have problem after upgrading beyond 3.8?

Hi Derrickh,

Could you please share tech-support of device.

We have tried to reproduce in our setup's but observed that tunnel gets re-established in less than 5 seconds.