L2TPv2 with Cisco Router

Hi. There is a configuration guide in the downloads section for L2TPv2 with a Mikrotik router, but we are a Cisco shop and our network engineers are looking for a configuration example of how to do this with a Cisco router.  We need to tunnel two of our three WLANs for security purposes.  Is anyone doing this?   


Which cisco routers do you have and are looking to configure? The protocol is at the end of the day, agnostic and should work with the Cisco routers. 

Hi Zack Humphrey,

Can help us with router name and model, we will try to assit you?

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Yes sorry for the delay.  We are bench testing with a Cisco 1921 right now.  TBD for production but quote possibly another 1921.


Hello all, just bumping this in hopes of some assistance.

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Hi Zack,

I´m bumping in the same scenario with a customer. Did you solve it, and can you share the configuration from the Cisco Router. I´m also interested how many AP´s do you tunnel with L2TPv2 on the Cisco router.

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