LAA LTE and its Impact on WISPs

Drew Lentz posted a great summary of the possible impact of LAA LTE on the unlicensed spectrum here. Specifically he describes a scenario of a PTP 650 would detect signal in the spectrum and the auto rate fallback algorithm would downshift. While this would keep connectivity, he points out that this will in effect reduce throughput.

As carriers develop their LAA deployment plans, what impact does this have on WISPs and what ideas should it create for new product development?

Just leverage this as an oportunity amd develop a PMP system based on LTE with 3.x ghz as the main carrier and 5 ghz in LAA for added capacity

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+1  Cambium needs to offer a LTE varient or be left behind.

I would like to see a cambium LTE system developed that used voip backhaul for calling too.

In NZ we have $150 million coming up for government broadband grants - $50 million of which is allocated to increasing cellular coverage for farming areas.

We plan on building alot of new high sites, and adding a solar powered mini LTE base station would be quite helpful on 900mhz, 2.4ghz and the upcoming whitespace spectrum.

However the time it would take cambium to create a product will be much longer than when we can get the grant money - so a partnership with a small cellular operator will probably be needed.