LACP not working on provider-edge?

I have a switch that i’ve changed to provider-edge mode so i can do QinQ, all ether-types are set to 0x8100 for compatability, all ports are tagged only.

When I plug a non-LACP port on the cnMatrix to a 3rd party switch i can access the cnmatrix remotely and ping it.

When I enable LACP on that same 3rd party switch port and move the cable to one of the cnMatrix’s ports thats in a LACP LAG group, the LAG seems to come up on the remote side, but i can’t ping the cnMatrix.

The vlan i’m using for in-band management is on the po1 and the non-lacp tagged port but only the non-lacp will allow ping/connectivity, the po1 member port won’t pass traffic.

For reference we opened #317700 ticket, if we figure out whats going on via that route i’ll update here to make sure others know the solution.