Lanbowan Antenna US Dealer

Anyone know of any US dealers for this antenna. I bought one to test with for a client that I knew would be hard to reach and it works very well. I want to buy a couple more but I was hoping to find a US dealer so I didnt have to wait 4 weeks to get one because I have another possible client to get at very soon. Its a dual pol 24 dbi dish antenna.

From everything I'm seeing after doing a little searching around on Google, I do not think they have a US distributor. Seems people are buying directly through them from China, or using Alibaba, again, direct from China.

Thats what I came up with too. Just wanted to see if anyone else had another resource. Also If anyone has one they can part with and sell me I would appreciate that. I dont think I will use this one very often but it will be nice to keep one laying around. In the meantime I need to try to find one that wont take 4 weeks. lol 

Thanks Scott

I have my dealer. Is in Canada hope that’s help

We’ve been buying them from Anne@lanbowan for years and they are pretty quick. They ship them 20 at a time to us via FedEx and we get them in about a week from ordering.

Apparely Lanbowan will have a booth at CTIA in September.

"Our company will attend CTIA (MWC 2017)  on Sep 12-14, 2017, at San Francisco, CA. Do you have time to come? If yes, we welcome you to visit our booth at N. 1549."