Larger pole mount for high speed backhauls

I am trying to mount some high speed backhauls (Orthogons) to a pole that is just slightly too large for the stock mount to accomodate. Does anyone have a robust, economical, solution to mounting these radios on larger poles?

Is this on a tower or a highrise?

This is going on a highrise.

Crossover plates or antenna mounts.

Find a mount that will fit the large pipe, use the appropriate clamp to attach a a pipe mount that your radio will fit. Strap the radio to the smaller pipe and then that assembly to your larger pipe. … groupId=20

Electrocomm or any other tower supply place should carry the same items.

EDIT: the price is not cheap, because the mounting hardware are 100% quality. Very thick galvanizing, top notch steel materials. Size the mount right and the right size clamps, and you wont have it snap during a wind storm. The stuff wont rust either.

Be sure to use schedule-40 galv pipe for your smaller pipe that you’ll mount the radio to, so it does not bend or rust to pieces.