Last Mile Gear CMM replacement info

Could someone please point me as to which products from Last Mile Gear I need to use as a replacement for a CMMmicro and also the cost?

they have two versions - rack mount and table top.

I used the table top version with this switch:

Both units can take dual power supplies and will alert you if one power supply goes down.

Never even a hiccup.

Perfect, thanks Jerry I just ordered a rack mount timing module and we are going to just plug it directly into our Cisco switch.

We tried the last mile gear, both rack mount and non, but went back to CMM’s. In each case we had CRC errors and enet disconects on every canopy radio used with them. Tried various switches, locking them on 100baset full, etc. There is also an issue with last mile gear where it locks out the web interface if inactive for a while. You won’t be able to ping them or log into them without a power cycle. Last mile gear says if you implement snmp communcication that would go away. We never tried that as we abondoned them before our troubleshooting got that far. The only good thing about them is they keep the sync going even when losing it. We have 1 site that had to have this feature because a nearby base was running gps blocking drills. If you don’t need them for that I’d stay away from them, but thats just me.

Definitely not my experience. 2 years on a harsh tower and never a hiccup.

knocks on wood

Jerry, we’ve already ordered 2 last mile gear CTMs and are pleased with them so far. Both of these however where installed in an enclosed hut at the base of the tower.
Our next project is to add 2 - 5.4 PTMP OFDM APs in addition to our 6 900Mhz APs. So the problem is that we need to add some more timing ports. Our original plan was purchase a Last Mile Gear CTM and then a Moxa switch, the problem though is there are not enough ports on the Moxa switch. We have fiber going up the tower currently into our enclosure where we have a fiber transceiver and a CMM for the 6 current APs.

Do you have any other recommendations for a switch on the top of the tower? We basically need 8 ports (6 900Mhz APs and 2 5.4Ghz APs) then one for the uplink on the fiber transceiver.

Stack this and the switch you currently have for 9 usable copper ports + 3 fiber ports.

So we would need this switch in addition to the Last Mile Gear GTM and another Moxa switch you’re saying right?

Yes. That’s what I would do.

Ok thanks Jerry, any idea off the top of you head that cost of that switch? I’m going to request a quote but they take a while sometimes. ... egory=MOXA

Another solution is the Cisco 2955 hardened switch.

That might work, thanks again Jerry!