latency & ap reset

we have setup 2400 ap & sm with jitter at times varying from 2 t 10 & rssi at around 1100 .the link is 2 miles .

the NAT is not enabled.

what is the latency that i should expect on this ?

Also we observe that at times if lot of data upload/download takes place…the ap was required to be restarted…

Can Any one guide me…?

ap-sm r on firmware 6.1

What type of scheduling are you using - HW or SW? What is the power level on this link? What results do you get when you run the link test?

We have on SM End set as Software.we r not using BAM.My AP is Normal
2.4 Ghz AP.

Is Hardware Shcedule possible…?Link test for 1 AP-SM is 100 % @ 75 %
Where as that for another AP-Sm link is above 90 %