Latency on sector


I have two sectors 60 degrees with epmp 1000 without GPS , a sector with 9 customers with high level snr customers in around 35 db and high rates mcs 13/14/15 but noticed an increase in latency of customers in this sector as attached image , sector with 9 customers with this ip with 5 customers , this with 5 customers do not display high mcs levels and signal as another difference though sector average latency between the two is 10 ms . I think average latency of 25 ms in the sector with 9 customers and too high for few customers , this expected latency with so few customers connected and low use ! ?

Two sectors same antenna configuration channel 20 MHz 75/25 ratio and 5ms frame size , only difference channel operation sector with 9 customers 5370 and 5425 5 customers .

Another question I have doubts if any advantage using fixed ratio on epmp without GPS or better use flexible . 

In some tests in flexible mode greatly improves latency and bandwidth.

Latency avg 25 ms

latency avg 15 ms.

A lot of people get caught up in focusing on latency when they really should be looking at jitter. 25ms avg latency is just fine. Your screen shots show pretty low jitter, which is good.

If for some reason you need lower latency, you could move to flexible frames, or to 2.5ms frames (at the expense of around 10% bandwidth). Moving to flexible or 2.5ms frames will cut your latency in about half.

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ok just thought it's a little high latency for only 9 customers in this sector without traffic , a few days ago this same sector had average latency of 20 ms with one or two clients less. my concern and now are 9 customers and when they are 20 or 30 with moderate traffic !?