latest import template

In the v13 template I see the azimuth is calculated automatically from lat/lon.  That's cool.

But I also see the formula for max allowed EIRP based on model number and antenna gain is gone.  Was this intentional, or a mistake?

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We are using an on-prem version and just tested out the sample template and it does not appear to have the new features.  How do we get the new spreadsheet?

pbrandt, you will have to download this from your cloud cnMaestro account. Just go to services->CBRS, click on the managemtn tool tab, then click on the import sector. In the popup you'll be able to download the latest template.

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Thanks for the prompt update.  I also relay the same question that the original post asked about the auto EIRP/Gain is now gone.  Will it be back?