Libre and downlink/uplink utilization

Do any libre gurus out there have a notification set up within LibreNMS for reporting downlink and uplink utilization on an AP? Libre is graphing them okay but I want to have an alert kicked if utilization reaches say 90%. Not wanting to re-invent the wheel if this has already been done.

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I'm interested on the same thing!

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The table you are looking for the is the 'wireless_sensors' table. Run these queries

describe wireless_sensors;


select device_id, sensor_type, sensor_descr, sensor_divisor, sensor_multiplier, sensor_aggregator, sensor_current, sensor_prev from wireless_sensors where sensor_type like "%pmp%";

and you will see where the uplink and downling utilization is stored. So what you want to do when creating an alert is "wireless-sensors.sensor_type = "pmp-downlink" and "wireless-sensors.sensor_current" greater than 90.

Alternatively, just select 'edit' on the gear icon on the right hand side from the AP dashboard and go to the 'wireless_sensors' tab and you can set your threshholds on a per AP basis. Then you can run a query like 

select device_id,sensor_type, sensor_descr, sensor_divisor,sensor_current,sensor_prev, sensor_limit, sensor_limit_warn, sensor_limit_low, sensor_limit_low_warn  from wireless_sensors where sensor_type like "%pmp%";

and see your updated settings in the database.