License Full Capability Trial Status


Hello, generate a License Key install it but does not allow me to fully activate the radio link capacity the message: "License Full Capability Trial Status - Unavailable".

How can i solve it ?


Could you share details of the License Key that you installed?

Also, did you see License Full Capability Trial Status = Unavailable in the web interface or in the SNMP interface?

Have you already used up the trial period?

Thanks, Mark


The license generates it from the web page "" and in country select other (DFS disabled).

The "Unavailable" license status appears in the web interface.

Let's see if this helps...

The Full Capability Trial is only available for units with the Lite or Mid license. The trial period is not needed with the Full license because the unit already operates with the maximum capacity. I'm assuming your unit has the Lite license.

A unit with Lite or Mid license initially displays these controls in the Installation Wizard:

If you activate the trial, the display shows the remaining time like this:

When the trial time is used up, the display looks like this:

On the next reboot (for example, when you installed a license key for a different country) the display looks like this:

Does this explain what has happened in your unit?

Thanks, Mark

Thank you, I understand what happened, it is possible to recover the license key that had previously,