License Issue with BAM

hi guys,

we have the PRIZM EMS and BAM Server installed on 3 machines. we had a power outage that caused all 3 machines to lose power. after i booted them all back up and started the processes to get the BAM server to work everything seemed good. roughly 12 hrs later our SM’s started to drop off and lose connection with the BAM server. we rebooted all 3 machines again and got everything to work. the same thing happened about 12 hrs later again.l. it seems like the licenses are not renewing properly from the BAM server

i disabled BAM authentication so our network would stay up while i troubleshoot this issue. i did a CHKDSK on the PRIZM machine and i am not sure if i found any errors or not. last night i did CHKDSK on the 2 BAM servers to see if perhaps that would help. initially i thought errors on the hard drive might have caused the database to act funny. basically i am asking if there is anything else that i might have overlooked that might be causing this issue.

we are using PRIZM 2.0, Apache Tomcat Server, and PostGRE SQL Database.


This won’t really help troubleshoot the issue, but if you want to keep your BAM engine online you could set up a task using task scheduler (assuming you are using windows - linux you’d set up a cron job I suppose) to restart your Prizm/BAM server process every 10 hours or so.

I’d get Canopy support on the line and see if they can help you. Also look into the log files in your prizm directory. When your clients start dropping off are you seeing any strange errors in those log files?

i will go ahead and look into the log files now off EMS and see what is odd. this is the first time i had to deal with it. the guy that set the system up is on vacation now and this is a pretty good learning experience for me.