License tool says 3 elevate but AP drops 3r elevate CPE ???


I'm using elevate license - flexible mode - shared by serveral APs.

I'm installing an elevate CPE on an AP that says:

ePMP Elevate Subscriber Module Limit



but the 3rd CPE is dropped from AP (disconnects every few minutes).


In the AP logs it say:

Jan  5 13:30:26 ap-maria-21g60 licensed[28820]: max SMs from server is less than approved: 2 < 3
Why is this happening?
Is there also any way to know which APs are using the flexible mode and how many elevate customers are online on such APs?


Yu can find how many Flexible licenses were activated on licensing portal.

Please follow link below:

Then you can select on Licenses Usage graph moment of time you'd like to know licenses usage per AP at.

You will see table below the graph with APs and number of registered Elevate radios.

Regarding your case when 3rd CPE is dropped.

Licensing Server add +1 to number of available licenses when more than 1 AP is running same Cloud Licensing ID to allow APs compete.

So actually you have only 2 licenses available, that's why 3rd is dropped.

Thnak you.

Thank you.