Life Cycle of ePMP 1000

Please, what is the life cycle of ePMP Force 180 and 200, 5 GHz?

What do you mean by "life cycle"? Are you asking if the Force 180 and 200 are going to be discontinued soon? Are you talking about the mean time between failure (MTBF)? Are you asking about future generations of ePMP radios and if they'll be compatible with the Force 180 and 200?


You may be asking the question given the pending introduction ePMP 3000 platform and its CPE devices, the ePMP Force 300-16 (similar to the Force 180) and the ePMP Force 300-25 (similar to the Force 200).  There is a large and growing installed base of ePMP 1000/2000 nework operators around the world relying on the ePMP platform, inclusive of the Force 180 and Force 200; and will continue to do so irrespective of the introduction of the 3rd generation ePMP platform.  There are no plans to end-of-life either the Force 180 or Force 200 anytime in the foreseeable future!  

You can see Cambium Networks' official End-of-Life policy at , and at that site you can register to receive any future notices directly - I encourage you to register!