Lightening and ESD

Hi I am new to the forum and cannot find any discussions regarding ESD protection. We are new to Canopy and are about to purchase our first trial system.
Prior to this we have been manufacturing our own external equipment using Proxim Tsunami Electronics…
I recently had a Proxim fail in a thunderstorm. Does anyone have any experience with ESD issues and Canopy as I will be deploying a city wide system in Africa and the mast I am using is ontop of the Hill and prone to occasional Lightening and ESD damage…

Good day to you OM.

Please read the following post which may be of interest:

I have had come Canopy fairly close to lightning strikes and have had no issues. I have a full 6-AP cluster at the top of two of oour 300 foot towers. Lightning rod extends 15 feet above the top of the tower. Many lightning strikes (enough to kill the light ballasts) and no Canopy problems. I see it like this, the AP’s have a plastic case and no grounding (other than the shielded connectors and cables), so, really good isolation.