Lightening SS - PLEASE

I know we have been through this before and this question has been asked. Im going to ask it again because I cant search the forum well enough to find my answer.

I know some of you have posted links or part numbers to 3rd party surge supressors that will pass POE. I am looking for singles, doubles, 4 or 8 port. If you are using or know of any after market SS, please post. Thank you.

I am looking for something that will protect an AP site besides the 300SS. Anyone using something else that works? We have an AP site that has been hit by lightening 3 times in the last year. Each time it has blown the CMM and 3 AP’s. I am trying to avoid this. I have sufficient ground at the CMM and the tower (200ft) is grounded. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

We use Transtector ALPU units. They make models to protect GPS and POE lines. The units are tower-mountable, and weather sealed.

Do you have a link of where you buy them and a model number of the one that you use? this would be helpful. Thanks!

Have you tryed REMOVING the grounding from the Tower?..I’ve heard good and bad things about exsesive gorunding. Sure it give the STRIKE a clean path into the earth, but the ground also attracts lighten TO give it that clean path to the earth. So many horror stories of Towers and equipment getting smoked inspite of the grounding. The company I used to work for hardly grounded anything, and in 4 years we only lost 2 Subsribr SM’s…Something to think about. ... index.html

That's an example. We buy ours direct from Moto. I have some pics of a new POE supressor we are installing, so I will post them when I can get them off the camera. For some reason we are mounting them inside the hut, which in my opinion is counter-productive, but whatever. The biggest deal is not so much direct lightning, but the static build-up that occurs due to near strikes and what not. I don't think Canopy can withstand a direct tower strike and survive, but correct me if I am wrong.

Have you checked the tower grounding system to ensure that it is within spec? There should be plenty of info online you can dig up about tower construction that provides info on how much resistance there should be between the tower and the ground system, and also how much is between each part/component of the ground system. Maybe you need to perform some PM on the site to ensure it is compliant? Proper grounding can eliminate a lot of issues.

Can you post pics or links to pics of your grounding system so that we can possibly further assist?

How much are those units?

600-ish or so i think?

These little guys snap in place on a 19" rack mountable frame...

here... ... MT-199~VK-

Does anyone have one of these in use? If so, what is the good, bad and ugly on this? Thanks. … tegory=467

We just put one in on one of our sites. So far it is ok. They do require you to use shielded cable and connectors however.

so a standard plug will not work?


Shielded connectors only. We buy all our outside stuff from Best-Tronics.