lightning protection

ok guys disaster day finnally came

i have a tower that is on the top of a very high ridge and it got struck yesterday and fried the cmm and the 900 cyclone that was on it.

the tower was grounded but the ground line for the ac that was in the cmm got fried looks like it blew the trace and the transformer.

does any one use lightning rods higher than the 900 omni or do you ground just the omni or what.

i am looking for opinions on this one.

the tower that we have that is self gen via solar and wind took a strike but is still working fine.

i want to set up some major grounding on the tower that got hit, just not sure what i should do.

the telco’s up here there min specs is a 3 ground rod minimum in a circle around the tower and then attatched.


on our 42 metre towers, we have a rod that sticks out about 1.5m above anything else on the tower. It is attached to the a very thick earth strap running right down to the ground.

Then there is another earth strap for the tower itself to the ground.