Link / Ap / SM Setup help

So… Using cable internet connection to feed a small wireless network on a lake…
Plan is to use a PTP link, and setup an AP on the other side of the lake. Then connect a few SM’s from there.
My question is the networking side…
Do I use the cable modem/router as my DHCP server?
Kind of wanted to set the link and aps as 1.2. And 1.3… sms as .11 .12 and so on.
I’m using nat on the sm side to avoid seeing other users in the network.
I guess my biggest confusion, is really, do I set my default gateway as for all devices after the first part of the link? And routing will take care of its self? Let the router dish out basic 192.168.1.x ips to everything?
Sorry. Kinda new at this. Any advice on a simple PTP link + ap + sm setup would be great.

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I have forwarded this to our support and development teams

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Looks like Ray has you all taken care of above...

However, the ISP providing the transport for you will more than likely give you a completion notice with the IP space you can use on your equipment. In this case this will need to be a router, as they will likely only give you one usable IP, therefor you will need to NAT the connections for your wireless deployment. Best practice is to use a /24 as it's easiest to work with network wise. This will give you 254 usable IP's for your customers. (You can set-up a larger subnet if you require more IP space.) From there, the rest is gravy, simply turn up your wireless connections with IP's out of your DHCP/NAT'ed address pool. 

For example: Your NAT (customer) network could be (Subnet

Depending on how you set it up in your router, best practice is to use either .1 or .254 as the gateway address.

Hope this helps!


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