Link between two AP using SM

Good day to all,

I don’t know if anyone has tried to install two AP located in differents places (almost 14 Km between them) using a SM. The topology will be something like this


It’s this posible, or I necessary need a BH link between them to conect both AP ?


Yes, this is possible. Motorola calls the second AP a “remote AP” in their manual. They recommend using a different frequency band (e.g., 5.2 and 5.7) for the two links. Synchronization complicates matters; it’s always recommended, but may or may not be needed depending on the entire Canopy network or networks.

It is possible, however, if the co-located primary SM and remote AP are hidden or shielded from each other, to use the same band for both links. I’m doing this with two 5.2 links, but the co-located SM and AP are separated by about 80 feet and a metal building, and there are few enough neighboring buildings that reflected signals aren’t a factor.