Link capacity Drop while using PTP58600

We have a link which is using the PTP 58600 running for a distance of 58.2 kilometers. The radios are both using the firmware 56800-09-10. The link used to have a link capacity of 100 mbps using the 30 MHz channel bandwidth. Now the link capacity has dropped to 4 mbps and we have to use the 5MHz channel bandwidth in order for the radios to associate. We have replace the RF cables and the dishes are Radios waves 6 feet 37.5 dBi. There is clear LOS between the two poin

Hi Tayamika,

Request to please upgrade the firmware version on PTP58600 as the 09-10 is a very old version. The latest version for the PTP 58600 is 10-08. Post which if the issue still persisits, we will have to check for interference. 

If you need further support regarding the issue, please contact and they will be happy to help you.