Link capacity / planning tool (spreadsheet)

When I configure tool like this, capacity iand latency shown below.  This is at 50/50 duty cycle.  When I change to 75/25 duty cycle the capacity numbers stay the same?  (shown below)

When I select 75/25 the latency is like 70ms on UL is that accurate?  Thats set to 2.5 timing.


Hi.  I belive that 'scheduling latency' is the calculated scheduling maximum - so if all SM's where similtaneously uploading and downlaoding at their maximum possible throughput, and if the AP was managing as many schedule 'slots' as possible.  So, as far as I know - it could be lots less than this value - since not every SM will be using it at the same instant, and since every SM won't be ''last'' in line to get their slot.  That is the 'maximum schedule time - assuming everything needs a schedule 100% of the frames'

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