Link Capacity Test Effect On Other Customers On 450 AP?

Does anyone know what the effects of using link capacity test is on other customers on an 450 AP?

The manual does not indicate any warning about it preventing all other customers from transmitting / receiving data during the link capacity test but this is what I have heard happens.

Does cambium have any documentation on the effects on the link capacity test on tower/other customers on tower?

Running a link capacity test on both PMP100 and PMP450 platforms will pause communication for the rest of the clients on the sector for the duration of the test. Pings to the AP will also be dropped for a portion of this test as well. I'm also not entirely sure, but I suspect that if an SM is trying to register while a capacity test is being performed, it will temporarily not be able to register until it's done, but I'm not 100% sure.

Link test interrupts traffic and consumes system capacity, so do not routinely launch link tests across your networks. That's why it is limited up to 10 seconds.

If you run the test from an SM will it do the same?


So running the test from the SM will also interrupt traffic and consume system capacity on the AP thus effecting all customers.